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The real story of Troy and the Trojan War
TROY IN ENGLAND   Where Troy Once Stood
Author: Iman Jacob Wilkens
2009 newly revised and expanded edition (English language) available now.
Includes: 431 pages, 28 maps, 24 photographs, 23 illustrations and tables.
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Size: 165mm wide (6.5 inches) x 240mm high (9.5 inches) x 26mm thick (1 inch)
Weight: approx 820 grams (2lbs) excluding packing.

Summary: This work explodes the mythical notions of Greek and Turkish origins for Troy with a weight of compelling clear evidence that is so obvious. The real City of Troy and location of the Trojan War are revealed in great detail with their Celtic origins. Highly detailed Supporting evidence includes: ancient historic writings, accurate geographic and topographic matching, detailed maps, countless archaeological finds, historic place name matching, cultural and linguistic evidence.
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Where Troy Once Stood
- 2009 Edition
by Iman Jacob Wilkens (latest Expanded &
Revised paperback edition, price includes
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